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Breyer Realty Becomes A Matterport Tour Provider

The team at Walter R. Breyer Real Estate Co., Inc., has always been in the lead when it comes to the latest and greatest technology in marketing real estate. We were amongst the first to utilize digital photography. First in the area to utilize drone photography. First in the area to provide laser measured floor plans (2D & 3D) for all seller clients. Now... We've taken things another step further.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

We are proud to announce that our agency has just signed on with Matterport, a revolutionary company that provides technology to produce stunning 3D tours of properties. With this service, our agency will be able to provide this industry leading software through all our associates, to all clients.

Picture a 3D virtual representation of your living room, one you can fly over in a top-down view and even move through with the fluidity of a first-person video game. The result is a mix of awe and a strange sensation thanks in part to the video game-styled movement you're employing within an unprecedented level of photorealism. Moving around can be done with directional arrows, including a jumping capability with the space bar. Or if you're on an iPad, which can run Matterport's 3D models via its Web player, you can use specialized touch commands like two fingers to strafe side to side or pinch-to-zoom to go from the top-down view into first-person mode.

Want to get a real sense of the flow of a house? Do a virtual 3-D walk-through of the space. Curious about how long that hallway is between the front door and the kitchen counter? Look at a dollhouse view that shows a whole floor plan of the house, layout and furnishings. This technology brings new tools to buyers and tenants when searching for properties while assisting sellers and landlords in marketing their properties.

Take a test drive with the sample below.

Want to know more? Contact the Breyer Realty Team at (201) 262-5100 and setup a meeting where we can give you an in person demonstration of this awesome technology.

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