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Marketing with Breyer Realty

Let's Explore...

What are your top questions?  How much can I get for my home?  How long should it take to sell? What are my selling expenses?  Yes... Those are the top three questions we are asked when interviewing with potential clients.  One key element to these questions... Marketing.. It can make or break your sale.  It can make the difference between receiving near or full price offers, or whether your house sells immediately instead of sitting for months.   We utilize all the latest in internet, photography and videology to promote our properties. Let's look into what set's us apart from other agencies.


You Ought To Be... 

In Pictures...



Well... You're Property That Is 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we agree.  Today's world of real estate marketing is not what it was twenty years ago.  The days of small, black and white thumbnail images in a MLS book, have passed.  Buyers have an array of informational portals to view available properties.  While stats and creative writing are wonderful, many buyers go directly to the photographs.  Our firm was one of the first offices to utilize digital photography and today, we possess thousands of dollars in high tech "gadgetry" to make our listings stand out above the rest.

In 2014, we acquired our DJI Phantom II Aerial Drone.  This piece of equipment has literally, taken our marketing to new heights.  The pictures and video captured by the unit, give a unique perspective and allows us to get closer to the subject property than conventional satellite imagery.  Beautiful 14 megapixel still shots and 1080p video, gives buyers a true birds eye, wide angel view of the property.

Our DJI Phantom II Aerial Drone

When The Light... Is Right.....

We utilize light table software, which allows us shoot photos and videos at the best time of the day.  Lighting is key for beautiful, professional looking photographs.  Having the light behind the camera provides colorful pictures without the look of washed out sun glare.  In many cases, we will make multiple trips to a property, in order to capture a room or angle of the property, at the best time of day. 

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5
Image 6
Image 7

Giving Real Estate


A New Dimension

Matterport 3D Tours

2D/3D Floor Plans

We've only just begun.. How about some real WOW!  We have recently become a Matterport tour provider.  This technology is transforming the real estate industry.  Allowing buyers and tenants to take a virtual walk through a property.  We also incorporate 2D and 3D floor plans.  The 2D models include precise laser measurements, using one of the best units in the industry. Utilized by architects and engineers, the Matterport is able to give us accurate measurements.  This gives the potential buyers the information they need to size up the home and make sure it fits their space needs.  We don't stop there though.  We take the 2D drawing and turn them into a 3D interactive model. (see below)  The Matterport system, featured above, brings the property together in a 3D "dollhouse" type view.  When put together, these listing enhancements are sure to please the most tech savvy buyers and tenants, while giving sellers and landlords, an advantage like no other.

Interact with our 3D Model.  Take it for a spin.. Even paint the walls!

We've taken you up.. We've added a new dimension.. Now it's time to stand out!

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Our marketing efforts are of no use, if people cannot find your property.  A website can be beautiful, have the best pictures, wonderful resources, however what good is all that information if nobody is reading it?  We team up with the best in the industry to ensure the SEO (search engine optimization) of our web pages, is working as hard as it should.

Allow us to introduce our web consultant, Andrei Levytsky of A Lev Tech.  Aside from being one of the area's leading web designers, Andrei's speciality is ensuring that pages can be found on all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, by reviewing the page coding and confirming it's place for optimal search engine optimization.


Why is SEO Critical to Our Marketing Plan?


How do you search for a product or service? Do you pull out the old phonebook? Of course not! You use your favorite search engine as do millions of people. They use what we call "keywords" to describe what they are looking for, similar to the old card catalog at the library. The search engine returns results based on the keywords searched. 80% of people use the website links on the first page! Therefore, having our site and related pages on the first page of such search engine keyword results is critical to the success of our efforts. 

Virtual Staging

Empty house?  No furniture?  No problem.. We subscribe to the greatest software developers in the industry.  Our Virtual Staging software allows us to take vacant homes and show their rooms as if they were finished.


This is an incredible tool that allows buyers to envision the room in a finished state as well as highlighting the rooms with furniture that is not outdated.  


Normal home staging can run a seller thousands of dollars and we offer affiliations with local home stagers as well, yet this alternative, which is included in our services, offers a wonderful option for many sellers, especially with Estate and Relocation sales. 

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